• (RP) IPA: /keɪˈɒtɪk/
  • (GA) IPA: /keɪˈɑtɪk/, /-dɪk/, [-ɾɪk]


  1. fill#Verb|Filled with chaos.
  2. Extremely disorganized or in disarray.
    Synonyms: shambolic
    • 1851 November 13, Herman Melville, “The Chapel”, in Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, 1st American edition, New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers; London: Richard Bentley, OCLC 57395299 ↗, page 40 ↗:
      Yes, there is death in this business of whaling—a speechlessly quick chaotic bundling of a man into Eternity.
  3. (mathematics) Highly sensitive to starting#Adjective|starting condition#Noun|conditions, so that a small change#Noun|change to them may yield#Verb|yield a very different outcome.
  4. (role-playing games) Aligned against following or upholding laws and principles.
    Antonyms: lawful
Translations Translations Noun

chaotic (plural chaotics)

  1. (role-playing games) A character having a chaotic alignment.

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