• (GA) IPA: /kənˈsɝvətɪv/
  • (RP) IPA: /kənˈsɜːvətɪv/

conservative (plural conservatives)

  1. A person who favors maintenance of the status quo.
    1. (politics) One who opposes changes to the traditional institutions of their country.
    2. (politics) A political conservative.
    3. (US, economics) A fiscal conservative.
    4. (US, social sciences) A social conservative.
    Synonyms: traditionalist, right-winger, reactionary
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    Coordinate terms: moderate#English|moderate, liberal#English|liberal, progressive#English|progressive, libertarian#English|libertarian, centrist#English|centrist
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  • Russian: консерва́тор
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  • Russian: консерва́тор
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  1. Cautious.
  2. Tending to resist change or innovation.
    The curriculum committee at this university is extremely conservative.
  3. Based on pessimistic assumptions.
    At a conservative estimate, growth may even be negative next year.
  4. (US, economics, politics, social sciences) Supporting some combination of fiscal, political or social conservatism.
  5. (British, politics) Relating to the Conservative Party.
    • 1830, Quarterly Rev.
      We have always been conscientiously attached to what is called the Tory, and which might with more propriety be called the Conservative, party.
  6. (physics, not comparable) Neither creating nor destroying a given quantity.
  7. Having power to preserve in a safe or entire state, or from loss, waste, or injury; preservative.
  8. (Judaism) Relating to Conservative Judaism.
  9. (clothing) Conventional, traditional, and moderate in style and appearance; not extreme, excessive, faddish, or intense.
  10. (medicine) Not including any operation or intervention (said of a treatment, see conservative treatment)
    • 2000, G. Puddu et al., "Achilles Tendon Injuries" in The Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine, ISBN 0632037857, page 200:
      Operative treatment should be reserved for those patients in whom conservative treatment has failed and who are motivated with regard to sports.
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  • Portuguese: republicano
  • Russian: республика́нский
  • Russian: консервати́вный


conservative (plural conservatives)

  1. (politics) A member of a political party incorporating the word "Conservative" in its name.
  2. (British, politics) A member of the Conservative party.
  3. (Canada, politics) A member or supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada, or its predecessors, or provincial equivalents, or their predecessors
  4. (Judaism) pertaining to Conservative Judaism
  • (member of the UK Conservative Party) Tory
  • (ember or supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada) Blue

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