• (British) IPA: /kʌb/

cub (plural cubs)

  1. A young fox.
    • 1603, Michel de Montaigne, chapter 32, in John Florio, transl., The Essayes, […], book II, printed at London: By Val[entine] Simmes for Edward Blount […], OCLC 946730821 ↗:
      a Childe of Lacedemon suffered all his belly and gutts to be torne out by a Cubbe or young Foxe, which he had stolne, and kept close under his garment, rather then he would discover his theft.
  2. (by extension) The young of certain other animals, including the bear, wolf, lion and tiger.
  3. (humorous or derogatory) A child, especially an awkward, rude, ill-mannered boy.
    • c. 1601–1602, William Shakespeare, “Twelfe Night, or VVhat You VVill”, in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies: Published According to the True Originall Copies (First Folio), London: Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed[ward] Blount, published 1623, OCLC 606515358 ↗, [Act V, scene i]:
      O, thou dissembling cub! what wilt thou be / When time hath sowed a grizzle on thy case?
  4. (slang) A young man who seeks relationships with older women, or "cougars".
  5. (obsolete) A stall for cattle.
    • I would rather have such […] in cubor kennel than in my closet or at my table.
  6. (obsolete) A cupboard.
  7. Synonym of cub reporter#English|cub reporter
    • 1978, The Journalism Quarterly (volume 55, page 652)
      Swain has interviewed 67 reporters on 16 metropolitan dailies in 10 cities — from cubs to veterans — who talk candidly […]
    • 2018, Randall S. Sumpter, Before Journalism Schools
      […] from competing publications and the editors of publications that might buy freelance material from cubs.
Translations Translations
  • French: petit; for terms specific to any particular animal, see ourson, renardeau, louveteau, lionceau etc
  • German: Junges, cub of a wolf or fox: Welpe, Dachsjunges (badger), Bärenjunges (bear), Gepardenjunges (cheetah), Leopardenjunges (leopard), Löwenbaby (lion), Löwenjunges, Pandajunges (panda), Tigerbaby (tiger), Tigerjunges, Wolfsjunges, Braunbärenjunges, Eisbärenjunges (polar bear), Eisbärjunges
  • Portuguese: filhote, cachorro (archaic), cria
  • Russian: детёныш
  • Spanish: cachorro

cub (cubs, present participle cubbing; past and past participle cubbed)

  1. To give birth to cubs
  2. To hunt fox cubs
  3. (obsolete) To shut up or confine.

cub (plural cubs)

  1. Acronym of cashed up bogan


cub (plural cubs)

  1. A member of the Cub Scouts.
  2. (baseball) A player on the team the "Chicago Cubs".
    Jones became a Cub as the result of a pre-season trade.


cub (plural cubs)

  1. Initialism of cashed up bogan

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