• (America, British) IPA: /dɪˈpliːt/

deplete (depletes, present participle depleting; past and past participle depleted)

  1. To empty or unload, as the vessels of the human system, by bloodletting or by medicine.
    I noticed a couple of days ago how quickly the battery depletes.
    The ink depletes too quickly.
    Depending on what you print, one color usually depletes faster than the others.
    ''The temperature gauge doesn't work and the coolant depletes quickly from the reservoir.
    The winter storm quickly depleted the salt supply of the county.
    This drug can deplete the body of magnesium.
    Certain medications can deplete vitamin D.
  2. To reduce by destroying or consuming the vital powers of; to exhaust, as a country of its strength or resources, a treasury of money, etc.
    • 2007. Zerzan, John. Silence.
      Its reserves have been invaded and depleted.
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