• (British) IPA: /ɪksˈtɹɔː(ɹ)dɪnəɹi/, /ɪksˈtɹɔː(ɹ)dɪnɹi/, /ˌɛkstɹəˈɔː(ɹ)dɪnəɹi/, /ˌɛkstɹəˈɔː(ɹ)dɪnɹi/


  1. Not ordinary; exceptional; unusual.
  2. Remarkably good.
    an extraordinary poet
  3. Special or supernumerary.
    the physician extraordinary in a royal household
    an extraordinary professor in a German university
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extraordinary (plural extraordinaries)

  1. Anything that goes beyond what is ordinary.
    • 1787, The New Annual Register
      […] the sum that will probably be wanted for each head of service during the year: it is divided into the ordinary, and the extraordinaries.

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