• IPA: /ˈɡɹʌmbl̩/

grumble (plural grumbles)

  1. (onomatopoeia) A low thundering, rumbling or growling sound.
  2. The sound made by a hungry stomach.
  3. A surly complaint.
    That whiner is never without a grumble to share.
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grumble (grumbles, present participle grumbling; past and past participle grumbled)

  1. (intransitive) To make a low, growling or rumbling noise, like a hungry stomach or certain animals.
    The distant thunder grumbles.
  2. (intransitive) To complain; to murmur or mutter with discontent; to make ill-natured complaints in a low voice and a surly manner.
    He grumbles about the food constantly, but has yet to learn to cook.
  3. (transitive) To utter in a grumbling fashion.
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