• (British, America) IPA: /ˈhændˌbæɡ/, /ˈhæm.bəɡ/

handbag (plural handbags)

  1. (mainly Commonwealth) A small bag used by women (or sometimes by men) for carrying various small personal items.
  2. (uncountable) An subgenre of house music of the late 1980s, often with booming vocals.
    • 2006, Andy Bennett, Barry Shank, Jason Toynbee, The Popular Music Studies Reader, Psychology Press ISBN 9780415307109, page 102
      Who else would lug around that uptight feminine appendage, that burdensome emblem of adulthood — the handbag? ... The music genre had even come to be called 'handbag house'. As one clubber explained to  ...
  • (bag used by women) purse (North American)
  • (subgenre of house music) diva house, handbag house
Translations Verb

handbag (handbags, present participle handbagging; past and past participle handbagged)

  1. (British, transitive, humorous) Figuratively, to hit with a handbag; to attack verbally or subject to criticism (used of Margaret Thatcher). attn en

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