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lend (plural lends)

  1. (anatomy, UK dialectal) The lumbar region; loin.
  2. (UK dialectal, of a person or animal) The loins; flank; buttocks.

lend (lends, present participle lending; past and past participle lent)

  1. (transitive) To allow to be used by someone temporarily, on condition that it or its equivalent will be returned.
    I will only lend you my car if you fill up the tank.
    I lent her 10 euros to pay for the train tickets, and she paid me back the next day.
  2. (intransitive) To make a loan.
  3. (reflexive) To be suitable or applicable, to fit.
    Poems do not lend themselves to translation easily.
    The long history of the past does not lend itself to a simple black and white interpretation.
  4. To afford; to grant or furnish in general.
    • 1713, Joseph Addison, Cato, published 1712, [Act 2, scene 1]:
      Cato, lend me for a while thy patience.
    • Mountain lines and distant horizons lend space and largeness to his compositions.
    Can you lend me some assistance?
    The famous director lent his name to the new film.
  5. (proscribed) To borrow.
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