navigator (plural navigators)

  1. A person who navigates, especially an officer with that responsibility on a ship or an aircrew member with that responsibility on an aircraft.
  2. A sea explorer.
  3. A device that navigates an aircraft, automobile or missile.
  4. (computing) A user interface that allows navigating through a structure of any kind.
    • 2012, Richard Wentk, iOS App Development Portable Genius (page 38)
      Although the window looks like a view of files and folders on disk, the “folders” that appear here are called groups; they don't exist on disk. They appear in the navigator because it's convenient to group related files together […]
  5. (obsolete) A labourer on an engineering project such as a canal; a navvy.
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  • French: navigateur
  • Italian: navigatore
  • Russian: морепла́ватель

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