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nerd (plural nerds)

  1. (slang, sometimes derogatory) A person who is intellectual but generally introverted
  2. (informal, sometimes derogatory) One who has an intense, obsessive interest in something.
    Synonyms: geek, otaku
    a computer nerd
    a comic-book nerd
  3. (slang, always derogatory) An unattractive, socially awkward, annoying, undesirable, and/or boring, person; a dork.
    Synonyms: dag (Australian), doofus, dork, dweeb, geek, goober, loser, propeller head, twerp
    Only a nerd would wear yellow and blue stripes with green pants.
    Nerds seem to have fun with each other, but in a way that causes others to laugh at them.
    Why are you hanging out with that nerd?
  4. (post-1980s) A member of a subculture revolving around video games, fantasy and science fiction, comic books and assorted media.
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nerd (uncountable)

  1. Initialism of nonerosive reflux disease

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