• (America) (verb) enPR: äʹblĭgāt, IPA: /ˈɑblɪɡeɪt/
(adjective) enPR: äʹblĭgət, IPA: /ˈɑblɪɡət/
  • (British) (verb) enPR: ôbʹlĭgāt, IPA: /ˈɒblɪɡeɪt/
(adjective) enPR: ôbʹlĭgət, IPA: /ˈɒblɪɡət/

obligate (obligates, present participle obligating; past and past participle obligated)

  1. (transitive, North America, Scottish) To bind, compel, constrain, or oblige by a social, legal, or moral tie.
  2. (transitive, North America, Scottish) To cause to be grateful or indebted; to oblige.
  3. (transitive, North America, Scottish) To commit (money, for example) in order to fulfill an obligation.
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  1. (biology) Able to exist or survive only in a particular environment or by assuming a particular role.
    an obligate parasite
    an obligate anaerobe
    an obligate seeder (a plant able to reproduce only from seed.)
  2. Absolutely indispensable; essential.
  • Russian: облига́тный
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