• (British) IPA: /pɹiːˈɹɛkwɪzɪt/
  • (America) IPA: /pɹiˈɹɛkwəzət/, /pɹiˈɹɛkwɪzɪt/

prerequisite (not comparable)

  1. Required as a prior condition of something else; necessary or indispensable.
    The prerequisite warm-up to the match was ignored.
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prerequisite (plural prerequisites)

  1. Something that must be gained in order to gain something else
    A degree is a prerequisite for entry into this profession.
  2. In education, a course or topic that must be completed before another course or topic can be started. May be colloquially referred to as a prereq.
    Algebra is typically a prerequisite for physics.
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  • French: prérequis
  • German: Teilnahmevoraussetzung
  • Portuguese: pré-requisito
  • Russian: предусловие

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