shakedown (plural shakedowns)

  1. (slang) Extortion, especially through blackmail
    What is this, a shakedown?
  2. (slang) A thorough search; a frisk
  3. A trial or test period, especially of a ship or aircraft
  4. An improvised bed.
    • 1915, W. Somerset Maugham, "Of Human Bondage":
      "There's nowhere for me to lie down, sir," he answered, and there was in his voice a humbleness which was very distressing. -- "Don't you know anyone in the house who'll give you a shakedown?" -- "No, sir."
    • 1974, Thea Astley, A Kindness Cup, Text Classics 2018, p. 107:
      ‘You two,’ he says, ‘you're not going back tonight. […] I can make you shake-downs on the veranda and we'll have a bite to eat.’
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  1. that tests the performance of a ship or aircraft
  • German: test-, probe-

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