• IPA: /ˌsuːvəˈnɪə(ɹ)/

souvenir (plural souvenirs)

  1. An item of sentimental value, to remember an event or location.
    Synonyms: keepsake, memento, memorabilia
    • 2005, Steven Church, Guinness Book of Me, Simon and Schuster (ISBN 9780743282574), page gbooks SRu3cD1FEW4C:
      The tourists stuck to the safe confines of the gift shop, where they bought souvenir combs, shot glasses, oversize pencils, and blocks of cedar painted with rhyming poems and shellacked to a high gloss.
Translations Verb

souvenir (souvenirs, present participle souveniring; past and past participle souvenired)

  1. (transitive) To take (an article) as a souvenir, especially illicitly, for example during wartime.

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