tot (plural tots)

  1. A small child.
    He learned to run when he was just a tot.
  2. A measure of spirits, especially rum.
    • 1897: Mary H. Kingsley, Travels in West Africa
      Then I give them a tot of rum apiece, as they sit huddled in their blankets.
    • 1916: Siegfried Sassoon, The Working Party
      And tot of rum to send him warm to sleep.
  3. tater tot.
  4. (UK, dialect, dated) A foolish fellow.
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tot (tots, present participle totting; past and past participle totted)

  1. To sum or total.
  2. (UK, historical) To mark (a debt) with the word tot (Latin for "so much"), indicating that it was good or collectible for the amount specified.
    a totted debt

tot (plural tots)

  1. A total, an addition of a long column of figures.

Proper noun
  1. Initialism of Trail of Tears

tot (plural tots)

  1. (psychology) Initialism of tip of the tongue

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