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  • (RP) IPA: /ˈwæɡ(ə)n/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˈwæɡən/

wagon (plural wagons)

  1. A four-wheeled#Adjective|wheeled cart#Noun|cart for haul#Verb|hauling load#Noun|loads. [from late 15th c.]
  2. A four-wheeled child's ride#Verb|riding toy#Noun|toy, pull#Verb|pulled or steer#verb|steered by a long#Adjective|long handle#Noun|handle attached to the front#Noun|front.
  3. An enclosed#Adjective|enclosed vehicle for carrying goods or people; (by extension) a lorry, a truck#Noun|truck.
  4. An enclosed vehicle used as a movable dwelling#Noun|dwelling; a caravan.
  5. Short for dinner wagon#English|dinner wagon (“set#Noun|set of light#Adjective|light shelves mount#Verb|mounted on castors so that it can be push#Verb|pushed around a dining room and used for serve#Verb|serving”).
  6. (slang) Short for paddy wagon#English|paddy wagon (“police#Noun|police van for transport#Verb|transporting prisoners”).
  7. (rail transport) A freight car on a railway.
    Synonyms: goods wagon
  8. (chiefly, Australia, US, slang) Short for station wagon#English|station wagon (“type of car in which the roof#Noun|roof extends rearward to produce an enclosed#Adjective|enclosed area in the position of and serving the function of the boot#Noun|boot (trunk)”); (by extension) a sport utility vehicle (SUV); any car.
  9. (Ireland, slang, derogatory, dated) A woman of loose#Adjective|loose moral#Noun|morals, a promiscuous woman, a slapper; (by extension) a woman regarded as obnoxious; a bitch, a cow#Noun|cow.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:promiscuous woman
  10. (math) A kind of prefix used in de Bruijn notation.
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wagon (wagons, present participle wagoning; past and past participle wagoned)

  1. (transitive, chiefly, US) To load#Verb|load into a wagon in preparation for transportation; to transport#Verb|transport by means of a wagon.
  2. (intransitive, chiefly, US) To travel#Verb|travel in a wagon.

Proper noun
  1. (constellation) A bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky, said to resemble a ladle or cart. It is part of the constellation Ursa Major and includes the stars Mizar, Dubhe, and Alkaid.
    Synonyms: Big Dipper, Plough, Charles' Wain, Drinking Gourd, Northern Ladle, Northern Waggoner, Wain, Great Wagon, Bandwagon, Saptarishi, Saucepan, triones

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