Pronunciation Noun

woof (plural woofs)

  1. The set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom, interlaced with the warp, carried by the shuttle; weft.
  2. A fabric; the texture of a fabric.
  • (crosswise thread or yarn) weft
Translations Noun

woof (plural woofs)

  1. The sound a dog makes when barking.
  • French: ouaf, oua-oua
  • German: wau, wuff, rawau
  • Portuguese: ão-ão (European), au-au (Brazilian)
  • Russian: гав-гав
  • Spanish: guau
  1. The sound of a dog barking.
  2. (humorous) Expression of strong physical attraction for someone.

woof (woofs, present participle woofing; past and past participle woofed)

  1. To make a woofing sound.
Translations Noun
  1. (marketing) Initialism of well-off older folks
  2. (agriculture) Initialism of work on an organic farm

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