Pronunciation Noun

yen (plural yen)

  1. The unit of Japanese currency (symbol: ¥) since 1871, divided into 100 sen.
  2. A coin or note worth one yen.
  • JPY
  • French: yen
  • Portuguese: iene
  • Russian: ие́на
  • Spanish: yen
  • Russian: ие́на

yen (plural yens)

  1. A strong desire, urge, or yearning.
    humankind's yen for knowledge
    • 1934, Lew Levenson, chapter XX, in Butterfly Man, New York, N.Y.: Castle Books, OCLC 917633074; republished New York, N.Y.: Castle Books, [1960?], OCLC 6191025, page 208 ↗:
      She repeated the words: "You for me and me for you," then hummed: "Two for tea and tea for two …" Her voice trailed off … "All I got is a yen for Diana and my sweet little cute little Zigzag."
    Synonyms: craving, desire, hankering, jones, longing, urge, yearning
Translations Verb

yen (yens, present participle yenning; past and past participle yenned)

  1. (transitive) To have a strong desire#Noun|desire for.
Translations Noun

yen (plural yens)

  1. Opium.

Proper noun
  1. Alternative form of Yan
    • At that time, twenty-two centuries ago, a gentleman named Ching K'o was getting scandalously drunk in the market place of the capital of Yen, a feudal state in northwest China which owed nominal allegiance to the Son of Heaven (i.e., the emperor) though, in fact, there was no unified Chinese state.
      Numbering among those that comprised a virtual defensive line along the 42nd degree of latitude, where the state of Yen would construct its border wall in the Warring States period, it dates to the late Shang or very early Chou and typifies settlements that fully exploit riverside locations and natural ravines while being oriented to open vistas.

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