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  • (RP, strong) IPA: /jɔːˈsɛlf/
  • (RP, strong) IPA: /jəˈsɛlf/
  • (GA, strong) IPA: /jʊɹˈsɛlf/
  • (GA, weak) IPA: /jɚˈsɛlf/
  1. (reflexive pronoun) Your own self (singular).
    Be careful with that fire or you'll burn yourself.
  2. You (singular); used emphatically, especially to indicate exclusiveness of the referent's participation in the predicate, i.e., that no one else is involved.
    You yourself know that what you wrote was wrong.
    After a good night's sleep you'll feel like yourself again.
  • French: te, vous
  • German: dich (informal), dich selbst (informal), sich (formal), sich selbst (formal)
  • Italian: te stesso, te stessa, voi stessi, voi stesse
  • Portuguese: te, se
  • Russian: себя́
  • Spanish: te, ti, se, ti mismo (tuteo, male), ti misma (tuteo, female), vos mismo (voseo, male), vos misma (voseo, female), usted mismo (formal, male), usted misma (formal, female)
  1. Honorific alternative letter-case form of yourself, sometimes used when referring to God or another important figure who is understood from context.

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