1925, zip + -er. The trade name was registered in 1925 by B.F. Goodrich for “boots made of rubber and fabric,” claiming use of the name since June 1923. No longer a registered trademark. Pronunciation
  • (America) enPR: zĭʹpər, IPA: /ˈzɪpɚ/

zipper (plural zippers)

  1. (chiefly, US, Australia) A zip fastener.
  2. A pressure-sensitive plastic closure.
  3. (biochemistry) leucine zipper
  4. (slang) A scar on a person's body.
  5. (US, military, slang, dated) An air patrol carried out at dawn or dusk.
Synonyms Verb

zipper (zippers, present participle zippering; past and past participle zippered)

  1. to close a zipper.
    He zippered his sweater against the cold.
  2. to put a zipper on an article.
    ''These fall jackets are zippered.

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