zip fastener

zip fastener (plural zip fasteners)

  1. A fastener used in clothing, bags, etc, made up of two rows of teeth that are made to fit into each other by moving a slider along their length and opened again by moving the slider in the other direction.
  2. A pressure-sensitive plastic closure.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: fermeture éclair, tirette (Belgium)
  • German: Reißverschluss
  • Italian: chiusura lampo, cerniera
  • Portuguese: zíper, fecho de correr, fecho éclair (Portugal), fecho ecler (Brazil), zipe
  • Russian: застёжка-мо́лния
  • Spanish: cierre (Mexico), cremallera (Spain), zíper (Caribbean Islands), bragueta (colloquial)`

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