• IPA: /ədˌmɪnəˈstɹeɪʃən/

administration (uncountable)

  1. (uncountable) The act of administering; government of public affairs; the service rendered, or duties assumed, in conducting affairs; the conducting of any office or employment; direction.
  2. (countable) A body that administers; the executive part of government; the persons collectively who are entrusted with the execution of laws and the superintendence of public affairs; the chief magistrate and his cabinet or council; or the council, or ministry, alone, as in Great Britain.
    Successive US administrations have had similar Middle East policies.
  3. (uncountable) The act of administering, or tendering something to another; dispensation.
    the administration of a medicine, of an oath, of justice, or of the sacrament.
    oral administration of insulin
  4. (uncountable, business) Management.
  5. (uncountable, legal, UK) An arrangement whereby an insolvent company can continue trading under supervision.
    The company went into voluntary administration last week.
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