• IPA: /əˈɹiːnə/

arena (plural arenas)

  1. An enclosed [[area, often outdoor, for the presentation of sporting events (sports arena) or other spectacular events; earthen area, often oval, specifically for rodeos (North America) or circular area for bullfights (especially Hispanic America).]]
    A large crowd filled the seats of the arena.
  2. The building housing such an area; specifically, a very large, often round building, often topped with a [[dome, designated for indoor sporting or other major events, such as concerts.]]
    The arena is grey with white beams.
  3. (historical) The sand-covered centre of an [[amphitheatre where contests were held in Ancient Rome.]]
    The gladiators entered the arena.
  4. A realm in which important events unfold.
    The company was a player in the maritime insurance arena.
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