• IPA: /ˈbuːti/


  1. (nautical) A form of prize which, when a ship was captured at sea, could be distributed at once.
  2. Plunder taken from an enemy in time of war, or seized by piracy.
  3. (figuratively) Something that has been stolen or illegally obtained from elsewhere.
    After returning from their Halloween trick-or-treating, the kids settled down to enjoy their booty of candies.
  • (plunder) seeSynonyms en
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booty (plural booties)

  1. (slang) The buttocks.
    You got a big ol' booty.
  2. (vulgar, slang, not countable) A person considered as a sexual partner or sex object.
    • 2000, Shaft (film)
      It’s my duty to please that booty.
  3. (vulgar, slang) sexual intercourse.
  4. (vulgar, slang) the vulva and vagina.
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booty (plural booties)

  1. Alternative spelling of bootee

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