Pronunciation Noun

bunny (plural bunnies)

  1. A rabbit, especially a juvenile#Noun|juvenile.
  2. A bunny girl: a nightclub waitress who wears a costume having rabbit ears and tail.
  3. (sports) In basketball, an easy shot (i.e., one right next to the bucket) that is missed.
Translations Translations Adjective

bunny (comparative bunnier, superlative bunniest)

  1. (skiing) Easy or unchallenging.
    Let’s start on the bunny slope.
Synonyms Noun

bunny (plural bunnies)

  1. (UK dialectal) A swelling from a blow; a bump.
  2. (mining) A sudden enlargement or mass of ore, as opposed to a vein or lode.

bunny (plural bunnies)

  1. (UK dialectal) A culvert or short covered drain connecting two ditches.
  2. (UK dialectal) A chine or gully formed by water running over the edge of a cliff; a wooded glen or small ravine opening through the cliff line to the sea.
    • 1983, Geoffrey Morley, Smuggling in Hampshire and Dorset, 1700-1850 (page 72)
      Friar's Cliff and Highcliffe have always been what the second name suggests: cliffs too high to scale easily and with no convenient bunnies, chines or combes.
  3. (UK dialectal) Any small drain or culvert.
  4. (UK dialectal) A brick arch or wooden bridge, covered with earth across a drawn or carriage in a water-meadow, just wide enough to allow a hay-wagon to pass over.
  5. (UK dialectal) A small pool of water.

bunny (plural bunnies)

  1. (South Africa) Bunny chow; a snack of bread filled with curry.


  1. (rare, jocular) Resembling a bun small bread roll. [since the 1960s, but always rare]
  • (resembling a bun) bunlike

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