• IPA: /kæmˈpeɪn/, /kəmˈpeɪn/

campaign (plural campaigns)

  1. A series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal.
    an election campaign
    a military campaign
    The company is targeting children in their latest advertising campaign.
  2. The period during which a blast furnace is continuously in operation.
  3. (obsolete) An open field; a large, open plain without considerable hills; a champaign.
  4. (obsolete) An excursion into the countryside.
Translations Verb

campaign (campaigns, present participle campaigning; past and past participle campaigned)

  1. (intransitive) To take part in a campaign.
    She campaigned for better social security.
  2. (transitive) Consistently ride in races for a racing season.
    • 2014, Doug Boyce, Drag Racing's Quarter-Mile Warriors: Then & Now, chapter 1, gbooks :
      Ron campaigned the car for a couple seasons before selling it to Mark Danekas (Danekas blowers), who ran the car himself briefly before putting it on the market once again.

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