crackpot (plural crackpots)

  1. (informal) An eccentric, crazy or foolish person. A kook.
    Synonyms: crank, crazy, kook, live one, nut ball, nutbag, nutbar, nutcase, nutter, Thesaurus:strange person, Thesaurus:mad person
    Time will tell whether he is a crackpot or a genius for promoting that sort of idea.
  2. (informal) Someone addicted to crack cocaine (i.e. a drug addict).
    Synonyms: crackhead, crack whore, Thesaurus:addict
Translations Adjective


  1. (informal) Eccentric or impractical.
    Synonyms: eccentric, impractical
    a crackpot idea
Proper noun
  1. A village in Swaledale, North Yorkshire, England

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