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dit (dits, present participle ditting; past and past participle ditted)

  1. (UK dialectal, Northern England) To stop up; block (an opening); close (compare Scots dit).
  2. (obsolete) To close up.
Related terms Noun

dit (plural dits)

  1. (archaic, rare) A ditty, a little melody.
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, II.vi:
      No bird, but did her shrill notes sweetly sing; / No song but did containe a louely dit: / Trees, braunches, birds, and songs were framed fit [...].
  2. (obsolete) A word; a decree.

dit (plural dits)

  1. The spoken representation of a dot in radio and telegraph Morse code.
  • French: ti
  • Russian: то́чка

dit (plural dits)

  1. (information theory) decimal digit

dit (not comparable)

  1. (Canada, obsolete) Indicator of a declared surname originating from Canadian French.


dit (plural dits)

  1. Initialism of diet-induced thermogenesis

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