• IPA: /ɪmˈfætɪk/
  • (weak vowel) IPA: /əmˈfætək/


  1. Characterized by emphasis; forceful.
  2. Stated with conviction.
    He gave me an emphatic no when I asked him out.
  3. (grammar) Belonging to a set of English tense forms comprising the auxiliary verb do + an infinitive without to.
  4. (phonology) Belonging to a series of obstruent consonants in several Semitic languages that are distinguished from both voiced and voiceless consonants by a certain phonetic feature or features.
    1. pharyngealized consonants in Arabic, Hebrew, and other Northwest Semitic languages
    2. ejectives in Ge'ez, Amharic, and other Ethiopic Semitic languages
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emphatic (plural emphatics)

  1. (phonology) An emphatic consonant.
  2. (linguistics) A word or phrase adding emphasis, such as "a lot" or "really".

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