• (America) IPA: /ɛnˈɹoʊl/, /ɪnˈɹoʊl/
  • (British) IPA: /ɪnˈɹəʊl/

enroll (enrolls, present participle enrolling; past and past participle enrolled)

  1. (transitive) To enter (a name, etc.) in a register, roll or list
    • All the citizen capable of bearing arms enrolled themselves.
    • 1649, [John] Milton, [Eikonoklastes]  […], London: Printed by Matthew Simmons,  […], OCLC 1044608640 ↗:
      An unwritten law of common right, so engraven in the hearts of our ancestors, and by them so constantly enjoyed and claimed, as that it needed not enrolling.
  2. (transitive) To enlist (someone) or make (someone) a member of
    They were eager to enroll new recruits.
  3. (intransitive) To enlist oneself (in something) or become a member (of something)
    Have you enrolled in classes yet for this term?
  4. (obsolete, transitive) To envelop; to enwrap.
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