• (British) IPA: /ɡɹaɪn.də(ɹ)/
  • (America) IPA: /ɡɹaɪndəɹ/

grinder (plural grinders)

  1. One who grinds something, such as the teeth.
    scissors grinder (one who sharpens scissors)
  2. (anatomical) A molar.
  3. A power tool with a spinning abrasive disc, used for grind#Verb|grinding, smoothing, and shaping materials, usually metal.
  4. (US, regional) A sandwich made on a long, cylindrical roll.
    I am going to the deli to get a grinder for lunch.
  5. A kitchen gadget for processing coffee, herbs etc. into small or powdered pieces
  6. The restless flycatcher (Myiagra inquieta) of Australia, which makes a noise like a scissors grinder.
  7. (music, slang) A fan or performer of grindcore music.
  8. (slang) A biohacker who uses cybernetic implants or biochemicals to enhance or change their own body.
  9. (slang, dated) A student who studies hard; a swot.
  10. (slang, dated) A person who coaches students for an upcoming examination.
  11. (ice hockey slang) A hard-working, physical player with limited offensive ability.
  12. (lawyer slang) A low-ranking attorney with no clients who works very hard.
  13. (US, military, slang) An outdoor space for drills and parades.
    • 2019, Chas Romeo, U.S.M.C.
      We were told then and there that we wouldn't be allowed on the grinder again until we could do a lot better. The grinder is what that large area was called, and it was a fitting name. They literally ground us down on it.
    • 2013, USMC Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC / TC3) Guidelines
      Company formations are held on the grinder (basketball court outside the Quarterdeck).
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  • Portuguese: triturador
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