• enPR: hī'brĭd, IPA: /ˈhaɪ.bɹɪd/

hybrid (plural hybrids)

  1. (biology) Offspring resulting from cross-breeding different entities, e.g. two different species or two purebred parent strains.
  2. Something of mixed origin or composition; often, a tool or technology that combines the benefits of formerly separate tools or technologies.
    1. (linguistics) A word whose elements are derived from different languages.
    2. A hybrid vehicle (especially a car), one that runs on both fuel (gasoline/diesel) and electricity (battery or energy from the sun).
    3. (cycling) A bicycle that is a compromise between a road bike and a mountain bike.
    4. (golf) A golf club that combines the characteristics of an iron and a wood.
    5. An electronic circuit constructed of individual devices bonded to a substrate or PCB.
    6. A computer that is part analog computer and part digital computer.
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  • French: hybride
  • German: Bastardwort, Hybridwort, hybrides Wort, Mischwort, Zwitterwort; Vox hybrida, vox hybrida qual often printed in antiqua when using fraktur or printed in italics when using antiqua
  • Italian: ibrido
  • Russian: гибри́д
  • German: Hybridfahrzeug
  • Portuguese: híbrido


  1. Consisting of diverse 'hybridized' components.

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