• (non-weak vowel) IPA: /pɹoʊˈklɪvɪti/
  • (weak vowel) IPA: /pɹoʊˈklɪvəti/

proclivity (plural proclivities)

  1. A predisposition or natural inclination, propensity, or a predilection; especially, a strong disposition or bent.
    • 1922 February, James Joyce, Ulysses, Paris: Shakespeare & Co.; Sylvia Beach, OCLC 560090630 ↗; republished London: Published for the Egoist Press, London by John Rodker, Paris, October 1922, OCLC 2297483 ↗:
      , Episode 16
      This therefore was the reason why the still comparatively young though dissolute man who now addressed Stephen was spoken of by some with facetious proclivities as Lord John Corley.
    The child has a proclivity for exaggeration.
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