purging place

purging place (plural purging places)

  1. A place where purging occurs, particularly:
    1. (premodern medicine, obsolete) A body part where excess humors are expelled.
    2. (obsolete) A place where the body is purged of waste: a latrine; an outhouse; a lavatory.
      • 1577, Edward Hellowes translating Antonio de Guevara as Chronicles, p. 29:
        He buylt in all streetes in Rome publique purging places [sc. Spanish latrinas publicas].
    3. (Christianity, now rare) The place where the soul is purged of sin: Purgatory.
      • 1603, Elizabeth Melville, Ane Godlie Dreame, l. 262:
        Is this, said I, the Papists purging place?

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