• (RP) IPA: /ˈspæɹəʊ/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈspæɹoʊ/, /ˈspɛɹoʊ/

sparrow (plural sparrows)

  1. The house sparrow, Passer domesticus; a small bird with a short bill, and brown, white and gray feathers.
  2. A member of the family Passeridae, comprising small Old World songbirds.
  3. A member of the family Emberizidae, comprising small New World songbirds.
  4. Generically, any small, nondescript bird.
  5. (UK, chiefly, London) A quick-witted, lively person. Often used in the phrase cockney sparrow.
    • 2005, Drama Faces: Martine McCutcheon ↗, BBC
      Professional cockney sparrow Martine has acted since childhood.
    • 1878, Ally Sloper's guide to the Paris exhibition, Charles Henry Ross, page 54:
      I take it there 's scarcely a happier fellow alive than your honest town-bred smoke-dried cockney sparrow.
Synonyms Translations Translations
  • French: bruant
  • Portuguese: escrevedeira
Proper noun
  1. Surname

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