speak up
  1. (idiomatic) To talk more loudly or plainly.
    Could you speak up? I can't hear you.
  2. (idiomatic) To make oneself or one's opinions known; to advocate or assert oneself.
    I feel that somebody has to speak up for those oppressed by the system.
    Speak up if I'm bothering you.
  • German: lauter sprechen, den Mund aufmachen (colloquial)
  • Portuguese: falar mais alto (more loudly), falar mais claro/claramente (more plainly), erguer a voz (often suggesting a menacing tone)
  • Spanish: hablar más alto y más claro
  • German: einsetzen (reflexive), eintreten, den Mund aufmachen (colloquial), sagen (+ etwas)
  • Portuguese: erguer a voz, fazer-se ouvir

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