spicy (comparative spicier, superlative spiciest)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or containing spice.
    He prepared a spicy casserole.
  2. (of flavors) Provoking a burning sensation due to the presence of chillies or similar hot spices.
    This curry is too spicy for me. I can't eat it.
  3. (of flavors or odors) Tangy, zesty, or pungent.
    She breathed in the strong, spicy aroma.
  4. (of expression or behavior) Vigorous; colorful; stimulating.
    He is known for his spicy political commentary.
  5. Risqué, sexy, racy; mildly pornographic.
    I don't want my children to see the spicy images on this web site.
  • (piquant) hot, spicy-hot
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  • Russian: энерги́чный
  • Russian: пика́нтный

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