• IPA: /ˈtælən/

talon (plural talons)

  1. A sharp, hooked claw of a bird of prey or other predatory animal.
  2. (zoology) One of certain small prominences on the hind part of the face of an elephant's tooth.
  3. (architecture) A kind of moulding, concave at the bottom and convex at the top; an ogee. (When the concave part is at the top, it is called an inverted talon.)
  4. The shoulder of the bolt of a lock on which the key acts to shoot the bolt.
  5. In various card games, the remaining stock of undealt cards.
Proper noun
  1. Surname
  2. A male given name of modern usage.
    • 2010, David Farland, The Wyrmling Horde: Book 7 of the Runelords, Hachette UK ISBN 9780748120857
      'Very well, I shall call you Talon from now on. What does the name mean, in the tongue of the small folk?' 'It is a claw, like that found on a hawk,' Talon said.

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