undercut (plural undercuts)

  1. A cut made in the lower part of something; the material so removed.
  2. The notch cut in a tree to direct its fall when being felled.
  3. The underside of a sirloin of beef; the fillet.
  4. A hairstyle that is shaved or clipped short on the sides and kept long on the top.
  5. A blow dealt upward.
Translations Verb

undercut (undercuts, present participle undercutting; past undercut, past participle undercut)

  1. To sell (something) at a lower price, or to work for lower wages, than a competitor.
  2. To create an overhang by cutting away material from underneath.
  3. To undermine.
    • July 18 2012, Scott Tobias, AV Club The Dark Knight Rises[http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-dark-knight-rises-review-batman,82624/]
      Though Bane’s sing-song voice gives his pronouncements a funny lilt, he doesn’t have any of the Joker’s deranged wit, and Nolan isn’t interested in undercutting his seriousness for the sake of a breezier entertainment.
  4. To strike a heavy blow upward.

undercut (not comparable)

  1. Produced by undercutting.
  2. Designed so as to cut from the underside.
  3. Having the parts in relief cut under.

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