Pronunciation Noun

yak (plural yaks or yak)

  1. An ox-like mammal native to the Himalayas, Mongolia, Burma, and Tibet with dark, long, and silky hair, a horse-like tail, and a full, bushy mane.
    • 2008, Scott R. R. Haskell, Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Ruminant, John Wiley & Sons (ISBN 9780781753258), page 619
      Utilization efficiency of dietary protein in the yak differs with diet composition and feeding level, age, sex, body condition score, and animal production level (e.g., growth, lactation). Researchers reported no difference between lactating and dry cows in crude protein digestibility, although lactating yak tend to consume more feed than dry yak.
    • 2004, Wilson G. Pond, Encyclopedia of Animal Science (Print), CRC Press (ISBN 9780824754969), page 899
      Attempts are now being made, by selection, to create a new breed of yak (the Datong yak) from such crosses. Hybridization of domestic yak with local cattle, at intermediate elevations, has been practiced for generations. The hybrids inherit some of the good characteristics from each species, but lack the adaptation of the yak to the harsh conditions at higher elevations.
Translations Verb

yak (yaks, present participle yakking; past and past participle yakked)

  1. (slang, intransitive) To talk, particularly informally but persistently; to chatter or prattle.
    • 1960, P. G. Wodehouse, Jeeves in the Offing, chapter XI
      “You'll like Poppet. Nice dog. Wears his ears inside out. Why do dachshunds wear their ears inside out?” “I could not say, sir.” “Nor me. I've often wondered. But this won't do, Jeeves. Here we are, yakking about Jezebels and dachshunds, when we ought to be concentrating our minds […]
  2. (slang, intransitive) To vomit, usually as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.
Translations Translations Noun


  1. (slang) A talk, particular an informal talk; chattering; gossip.
    • 1983, Nicolas Freeling, The Back of the North Wind (ISBN 9780140069532)
      The sudden head-down butt jabbed into someone’s face, is a highly effective way of putting a stop to his yack.
  2. (slang) A laugh.
    • , Mack Reynolds, Cartoonist
      Would-be gags from would-be gagsters. And, nine chances out of ten, not a yak in the lot.
  3. (slang) Vomit.
Related terms Noun

yak (plural yaks)

  1. (slang) A kayak.

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