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Pronunciation Noun


  1. (countable, obsolete) A male person.
  2. (countable and uncountable, vulgar, slang) The penis.
  3. (countable, British, US, vulgar, slang, pejorative) A highly contemptible person; a jerk.
    That person is such a dick.
  4. (uncountable, US, Canada, vulgar, slang) Absolutely nothing.
    Last weekend I did dick.
  5. (uncountable, vulgar, slang) Sexual intercourse with a man.
    • 1991, quoted in Andrew Parker, Nationalisms & Sexualities, page 309 ↗:
      You better try and get some dick and take your mind off this bullshit.
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dick (dicks, present participle dicking; past and past participle dicked)

  1. (transitive, slang, vulgar) To mistreat or take advantage of somebody (with around).
    Dude, don't let them dick you around like that!
  2. (intransitive, slang, vulgar) To waste time, to goof off (with around).
    Quit dicking around and get to work!
  3. (transitive, slang, vulgar, of a man) To have sexual intercourse with.
Synonyms Noun

dick (plural dicks)

  1. (dated, US, slang) A detective.
    private dick, railroad dick
  • German: (colloquial, pejorative) Schnüffler sniffer
  • Russian: ище́йка
  • Spanish: sabueso

dick (plural dicks)

  1. (obsolete) A declaration.
  1. (Cumbria) ten in Cumbrian sheep counting

Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. (dated) A male given name, also used as a formal given name.
    • 1595, William Shakespeare, Third Part of King Henry VI, Act V, Scene V:
      Lascivious Edward, and thou perjur'd George,/ And thou mis-shapen Dick, I tell ye all,
    • 1830 Mary Russell Mitford, Our Village: Fourth Series: Cottage Names:
      You may know what one man thinks of another by his manner of calling him. Thomas and James and Richard and William are stupid young gentlemen; Tom and Jem and Dick and Will are fine spirited fellows.
  2. Surname
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