Easter egg
  • IPA: /ˈiː.stəɹ ˌɛɡ/

Easter egg (plural Easter eggs)

  1. A dyed or decorated egg, traditionally associated with Easter and, in the Western European tradition, sometimes hidden for children to find.
  2. A chocolate confection in the shape of an egg, sometimes with chocolates or sweets inside.
  3. (computing) An undocumented function hidden in a program or video game, typically triggered by a particular input sequence or combination of keystrokes.
    an Easter egg that displays the names of the application's development team
  4. Any image, feature, or other content that is hidden on a video disc or in a movie, trailer, or poster.
    • 2004, Michael Burns & George Cairns, Designing DVD Menus: How to Create Professional-Looking DVDs
      For the Best of Bowie DVD release, APl even concealed an Easter egg within a hidden extra.
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  • German: Easter Egg
  • German: Easter Egg
  • Italian: Easter egg
  • Russian: пасхалка

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