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  • (British) IPA: /swiːt/
  • (GA) IPA: /swit/
  • (RP) IPA: /swiːt/

sweet (comparative sweeter, superlative sweetest)

  1. Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.
    a sweet apple
  2. Having a taste of sugar.
  3. (wine) Retaining a portion of sugar.
    Sweet wines are better dessert wines.
  4. Not having a salty taste.
    sweet butter
  5. Having a pleasant smell.
    a sweet scent
    • 1838, Longfellow, "Voices of the Night: The Reaper and the Flowers":
      The breath of these flowers is sweet to me.
  6. Not decaying, fermented, rancid, sour, spoiled, or stale.
    sweet milk
  7. Having a pleasant sound.
    a sweet tune
    • 1850, Nathaniel Hawthorne, A Scarlet Letter, Ticknor and Fields, page 135:
      a voice sweet, tremulous, but powerful
  8. Having a pleasing disposition.
    a sweet child
  9. Having a helpful disposition.
    It was sweet of him to help out.
  10. (mineralogy) Free from excessive unwanted substances like acid or sulphur.
    sweet gas
    sweet soil
    sweet crude oil
  11. (informal) Very pleasing; agreeable.
    The new Lexus was a sweet birthday gift.
    • 14 November 2014, Steven Haliday, Scotland 1-0 Republic of Ireland: Maloney the hero
      GORDON Strachan enjoyed the sweetest of his 16 matches in charge of Scotland so far as his team enhanced their prospects of Euro 2016 qualification with a crucial and deserved victory over Republic of Ireland.
  12. (slang) Doing well; in a good or happy position.
  13. anchor be_sweet_on(informal, followed by on) Romantically fixated, enamoured with, fond of
    The attraction was mutual and instant; they were sweet on one another from first sight.
  14. (obsolete) Fresh; not salt or brackish.
    sweet water
    • 1627, Francis Bacon, Sylva Sylvarum: or A Natural History, in The Works of Francis Bacon (1826), page 66
      The white of an egg, or blood mingled with salt water, doth gather the saltness and maketh the water sweeter; this may be by adhesion.
  15. Pleasing to the eye; beautiful; mild and attractive; fair.
    a sweet face
    a sweet colour or complexion
    • 1667, John Milton, Paradise lost (source), Samuel Simmons, page 278:
      Sweet interchange / Of hill and valley, rivers, woods, and plains.
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  • French: doux
  • Italian: (food) non salato, (water) dolce
  • Portuguese: doce
  • Russian: пре́сный
  • Spanish: dulce
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  1. Used as a positive response to good news or information.
    They're making a sequel? Ah, sweet!


  1. In a sweet manner.
    • 1598, Shakespeare, Love's Labour Lost, Act 1 Scene 1:
      "and, sweet my child, let them be men of good repute and carriage."
      (and, my child, allow them sweetly to be men with good reputations and conduct)
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  1. (uncountable) The basic taste sensation induced by sugar.
  2. (countable, British) A confection made from sugar, or high in sugar content; a candy.
  3. (countable, British) A food eaten for dessert.
    Can we see the sweet menu, please?
  4. Sweetheart; darling.
    • 1611, Ben Jonson, Catiline His Conspiracy
      Wherefore frowns my sweet?
  5. (obsolete) That which is sweet or pleasant in odour; a perfume.
    • 1667, John Milton, “Book 5”, in Paradise Lost. A Poem Written in Ten Books, London: Printed [by Samuel Simmons], and are to be sold by Peter Parker […] [a]nd by Robert Boulter […] [a]nd Matthias Walker, […], OCLC 228722708 ↗; republished as Paradise Lost in Ten Books: The Text Exactly Reproduced from the First Edition of 1667: […], London: Basil Montagu Pickering […], 1873, OCLC 230729554 ↗:
      a wilderness of sweets
  6. (obsolete) Sweetness, delight; something pleasant to the mind or senses.
    • 1613, John Marston, William Barksted, The Insatiate Countess, III.2:
      Fear's fire to fervency, which makes love's sweet prove nectar.
Synonyms Translations Verb

sweet (sweets, present participle sweeting; past and past participle sweeted)

  1. (obsolete or poetic) To sweeten.

Proper noun
  1. Surname
  2. A female given name.

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