• (America, British) enPR: pī, IPA: /paɪ/


  1. A type of pastry that consists of an outer crust and a filling.
    The family had steak and kidney pie for dinner and cherry pie for dessert.
  2. Any of various other, non-pastry dishes that maintain the general concept of a shell with a filling.
    Shepherd's pie is made of mince covered with mashed potato.
  3. (Northeastern US) A pizza.
  4. (figuratively) The whole of a wealth or resource, to be divided in parts.
  5. (letterpress) A disorderly mess of spilt type.
  6. (cricket) An especially badly bowled ball.
  7. A pie chart.
  8. (slang) The vulva.
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pie (pies, present participle pieing; past and past participle pied)

  1. (transitive) To hit in the face with a pie, either for comic effect or as a means of protest (see also pieing).
    I'd like to see someone pie the chairman of the board.
  2. (transitive) To go around (a corner) in a guarded manner.
  3. (transitive) (of printing types) To reduce to confusion; to jumble.
Translations Noun

pie (plural pies)

  1. (obsolete) Magpie.

pie (plural pie)

  1. (historical) The smallest unit of currency in South Asia, equivalent to frac 1 of a rupee or frac 1 of an anna.

  • enPR: pē-ī-ē, IPA: /piː.aɪ.iː/
Proper noun
  1. Initialism of Proto-Indo-European

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