• IPA: /ˈæsets/
  1. plural form of asset
  1. (finance) Any property or object of value that one possesses, usually considered as applicable to the payment of one's debts.
    His assets are much greater than his liabilities.
  2. (accounting) The left side of a balance sheet.
    The assets must equal liabilities, otherwise there is an error in your balance sheet.
  3. (legal) Sufficient estate; property sufficient in the hands of an executor or heir to pay the debts or legacies of the testator or ancestor to satisfy claims against it.
  4. Any goods or property properly available for the payment of a bankrupt's or a deceased person's obligations or debts.
  5. (slang, vulgar, usually, in the plural) Private parts; a woman's breasts or buttocks, or a man's genitalia.

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