• IPA: /ˈfɪɡjʊɹətɪv/


  1. Of use as a metaphor, simile, or metonym, as opposed to literal; using figures; as when saying that someone who eats more than they should is a pig or like a pig.
  2. Metaphorically so called.
  3. With many figures of speech.
  4. Emblematic, symbolic; representative, exemplative
    • This, they will say, was figurative, and served, by God's appointment, but for a time, to shadow out the true glory of a more divine sanctity.
  5. (art) representing forms recognisable in life and clearly derived from real object sources, in contrast to abstract art.
    • They belonged to a nation dedicated to the figurative arts, and they wrote for a public familiar with painted form.
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  • German: im übertragenen Sinne
  • German: bilderreich

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