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goof (plural goofs)

  1. (US, informal) A mistake or error.
    I made a goof in that last calculation.
    1. (US, cinematography, informal) An error made during production which finds its way into the final release.
  2. (US, informal) A foolish and/or silly person; a goofball.
    Your little brother is a total goof.
  3. (Canada, prison slang) A child molester.
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  • Russian: растли́тель

goof (goofs, present participle goofing; past and past participle goofed)

  1. (US) To make a mistake.
    It's my fault. I goofed.
  2. (US) To engage in mischief.
    We were just goofing by painting the neighbor's cat green.
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  • Italian: partecipare ad una bravata

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