• (British) enPR: owʹər, IPA: /ˈaʊə(ɹ)/
  • (America, Canada) enPR: owr, IPA: /ˈaʊɚ/

hour (plural hours)

  1. A time period of sixty minutes; one twenty-fourth of a day.
    I spent an hour at lunch.
    • 1915, G[eorge] A. Birmingham [pseudonym; James Owen Hannay], chapter I, in Gossamer, New York, N.Y.: George H. Doran Company, OCLC 5661828 ↗:
      It is never possible to settle down to the ordinary routine of life at sea until the screw begins to revolve. There is an hour or two, after the passengers have embarked, which is disquieting and fussy.
  2. A season, moment, or time.
    • 1912 January, Zane Grey, chapter 3, in Riders of the Purple Sage: A Novel, New York, N.Y.; London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, OCLC 6868219 ↗:
      Now will be a good hour to show you Milly Erne's grave.
  3. (poetic) The time.
    The hour grows late and I must go home.
  4. (military, in the plural) Used after a two-digit hour and a two-digit minute to indicate time.
  5. (Christianity, in the plural) The set times of prayer, the canonical hours, the offices or services prescribed for these, or a book containing them.
  6. (chiefly US) A distance that can be traveled in one hour.
    This place is an hour away from where I live.
  • (period of sixty minutes) stound (obsolete)
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