• (America) IPA: /ɪmˈpɛɹ.ə.tɪv/



  1. Essential; crucial; extremely important.
    It is imperative that you come here right now.
  2. (grammar) Of, or relating to the imperative mood.
  3. (computing theory) Having semantics that incorporates mutable variables.
    • Antonyms: functional
  4. Expressing a command; authoritatively or absolutely directive.
    imperative orders
    • The suits of kings are imperative.
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  • Russian: императи́вный


  1. (uncountable, grammar) The grammatical mood expressing an order (see jussive). In English, the imperative form of a verb is the same as that of the bare infinitive.
    The verbs in sentences like "Do it!" and "Say what you like!" are in the imperative.
  2. (countable, grammar) A verb in imperative mood.
  3. (countable) An essential action, a must: something which is imperative.
    Visiting Berlin is an imperative.
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