• (America) IPA: /spɹaʊt/
  • (Canada) IPA: /spɹʌʊt/

sprout (plural sprouts)

  1. A new growth on a plant, whether from seed or other parts.
  2. A child.
  3. (chiefly, in the plural) A Brussels sprout.
  4. (chiefly, in the plural) A bean sprout.
  5. An edible germinated seed.
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sprout (sprouts, present participle sprouting; past and past participle sprouted)

  1. (gardening) To grow from seed; to germinate.
  2. To cause to grow from a seed.
    I sprouted beans and radishes and put them in my salad.
  3. To deprive of sprouts.
    to sprout potatoes
  4. To emerge from the ground as sprouts.
  5. (figurative, intransitive) To emerge haphazardly from a surface.
    Whiskers sprouted from the old man's chin.
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Proper noun
  1. Surname

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